Don’t let the rain ruin your day or your outfit, presenting our brand new range of waterproof Ponchos, the latest addition to our line-up of eye-catching outdoor must-haves.

Designed to help you stand out while protecting you from the rain, Ponchos are perfect for fashion-conscious festival goers, campers or really anyone who wants to look stylish in a downpour.

Do I get the giant watermelon or the brick wall? Decisions, decisions…

There are so many amazing designs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. We know what you like and so these Ponchos are available in our most popular signature FieldCandy designs including, Watermelon, Bricks, Cheese and Leopard to name but a few. We’ve also taken the best children’s designs like Jelly Beans, Aquarium and Hello Kitty and given them the Poncho treatment.

Grass is Greener - Grass Poncho
What a Melon - Watermelon Poncho
Don't be a Leopard - Leopard Print Poncho
Old Glory - American Flag Poncho
Touch of Chintz - Floral Poncho
Cheese Please - Cheese and Mouse Poncho
Bricks & Mortar - Brick Wall Poncho
Rule Britannia - Union Jack Poncho

All adult’s Ponchos are £29.95. Discover the full collection here

Fun but serious too...

The Poncho is a staple at most outdoor music festivals, and the majority of them are disposable plastic things, which let’s face it get sent to the bin after day 1 and clog up landfill (not very nice!). Our Ponchos are different, not only do they look amazing they’re also pretty serious pieces of rainwear. Not a throwaway poncho ours are for keeps, made with high quality materials and designed to be durable and water resistant.

Now for the technical bit, the fabric we use for our super Ponchos is a durable yet lightweight, and all importantly waterproof, PU Coated Polyester. The eye-catching design is digitally printed onto the fabric using our state-of-the-art UV printing technology that produces a high definition print that wont fade. We like to finish things off right so each poncho features press-stud closures that create sleeves and a reinforced hem in a coloured binding.


Lightweight and portable with matching carry bag

Don’t let a big heavy coat cramp your style or your luggage, the Poncho is a great lightweight and super portable alternative to cumbersome outerwear. The Poncho rolls up all small and neat into the matching drawstring carry bag. Particularly handy at festivals where you want freedom of movement for that all important dancing. Also because the Poncho packs away all small and handbag friendly, you can carry it around all times without fuss in case of a sudden change in weather.

Packed size: 10cm x 10cm x 25cm


We don’t like leaving anyone out of the Poncho fun and think it’s only right that everyone should look amazing on the camping field, that’s why we’ve created two sizes Adults and Kids.

Our Poncho’s are more than just child’s play…

Playing out in the rain is one of the great joys of childhood, and staying dry while splashing around should be fun too, that’s where our kids Ponchos come in. Great for days out, family camping trips or as everyday rainwear, the children’s range is available in 6 fun-filled designs. Your little one will be a ray of sunshine in their waterproof Poncho, we recommended these particular Ponchos for youngsters aged 4 - 11 years old.

Top of the Pops - Kids Comic Superhero Waterproof Poncho
Snug as a Bug - Kids Patchwork Quilt Waterproof Poncho
Sweet Dreams - Kids Jelly Bean Waterproof Poncho
Hello Kitty Kids Waterproof Poncho

All Kids Ponchos are £19.95. Discover the full collection here

Want a little more info about sizing? Full dimensions are below:

Adults Size

Adults Poncho Size and Dimensions



Front Length: 75cm (30in)

Back Length: 95cm (37in)

Width: 150cm (59in)

Hood: 30cm x 30cm (12in)


Kids Size

Kids Poncho Size and Dimensions


Front Length: 55cm (22in)

Back Length: 75cm (30in)

Width: 110cm (43in)

Hood: 25cm x 25cm (10in)