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 Made In Britain


We love our heritage here at FieldCandy! And that’s why we design, print and manufacture all of our Original Explorers, Little Camper Kid’s Teepees, Sunshades and Windbreaks right here in our factory in the heart of England, Derbyshire. Our technical, vibrant designs are all hand-crafted by our beloved factory girls, quality assured for your enjoyment.


Meet the factory girls –


Sewing Machinists

These girls expertly cut, sew and stitch all of our fully water resistant, UV fade resistant tents to ensure that our tents are not just a pretty face, but are also technically designed.


FieldCandy is owned by Terra Nova Equipment Ltd, an outdoors company who have pioneered the lightweight tent market for over 15 years, check them out at Terra Nova also have a thriving British history specialising in the most technical designs and materials on the market. The tents we produce at FieldCandy are truly durable and reliable making them the perfect tents for festivals, camping and much more. We heavily campaign against the abandoning of tents at festivals, which causes a huge amount of plastic pollution worldwide. FieldCandy tents have the durability and non-fading design to power through all of your festivals, giving you a funky edge to all of the other boring tents on site.

There a number of benefits to manufacturing in the UK, such as providing jobs and supporting the economy both nationally and locally. In addition, not only are we able to provide much lower minimum order quantities but we can also offer a very bespoke service – with your design on our tents. By producing here in Britain we can also implement super strict quality control procedures so we check that your tent will be fabulously perfect when it’s delivered.


See this video below giving a brief glimpse of how our Little Camper Kid’s Teepees are produced in our factory so that your children can enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors –



Our Little Camper Kid’s Teepees come with many, many designs varying from brick walls to jelly beans – see all of our designs here or take inspiration from the displayed products below.


Little Campers



We hope you enjoy our British, quality assured, hand crafted products made with love and care!