FieldCandy - Fill your baskets, it’s National Picnic Month!


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The summer months are here and what better way to celebrate than taking part in this National Picnic month. Put down the smartphones and get outdoors. Grab all of your favourite treats to take out on a picnic feast to enjoy with your family and friends… or yourself if you don’t fancy sharing.


Here at FieldCandy you can probably tell by the vast range of food-inspired designs we’re huge food lovers, so we thought we’d give you some snack-spiration for your Summer Picnic. Here is a list of our top 5 most popular sandwich choices, from the team at FieldCandy –


1. Cheese Sandwich

2. Club Sandwich

3. Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich

4. Jam Sandwich

5. Coronation Chicken Sandwich



These sandwiches are a great choice for the ultimate snack bag for you and your fellow picnickers. But don’t stop there! Get together your picnic gear for the fully furbished experience. Here is our list of 10 must-haves for the perfect picnic! –


1. Grab a nice picnic blanket – Nobody like ants in the food and a muddy bottom, so get a nice large blanket for everyone to lie on along with the cherished food.

2. Get the games out – There are so many great games to keep everyone entertained. Play a sport (Rounders, Football, Tennis, Frisbee), take a board game or even a little game of I-Spy should do the trick.

3. Ice Cream – If it’s a nice day, there’s bound to be a Mr Whippy nearby. Get yourself a sweet treat and live the Summer right.

4. Snoos Pillow – Rest well this Summer with your head on a comfortable and stylish Snoos pillow. With designs from cheese to watermelon, any pillow can be your treat.

5. Cool Box – Keep your food and refreshments cool in the Summer heat, especially if your taking bottled beverages and meat or yoghurts.

6. Outdoor Bean Bag – Why not get comfortable in style? Chill in the heat on a FieldCandy bean bag with designs from your wildest imagination.

7. Chilled Beverages – On a lovely, warm day nothing is better than having a nice refreshing cold drink. Sodas and fruit juices are a great choice for tasty experience.

8. Sunshades – To avoid any burns or overheating, get yourself a sunshade to enjoy the warm weather without the blinding sun.

9. Sunscreen – Don't ruin your Summer with any nasty burns. Get protected with a suitably factored sun screen.

10. Windbreaks – Block out the breezes or some sun with a funky design from a beach setting to a leopard print.


With your favourite sandwich packed and your picnic essentials collected you should be more than prepared to have the perfect day out this Summer. The main thing is to make sure you make the most of the good weather when it comes. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love and enjoy what the outdoors have to offer, away from the screens there are great things to see and do! We wish you a FieldCandy fun-filled summer.