Tokidoki x FieldCandy

FieldCandy collaborated with Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand Tokidoki to bring their unique blend of edgy-cuteness to the outdoor space.

Created in 2005, Tokidoki (meaning “Sometimes” in Japanese) have amassed a huge international following and cult status among their fans thanks to their unique ‘criminally cute’ aesthetic.

The brand's co-founder, Italian artist Simone Legno, has created a family of characters inspired by iconic Japanese characters like Hello Kitty and Doraemon. His larger-than-life creations are cute at first glance but a closer inspection reveals a darker side - Lengo's own unique blend of the uber-cute “Kawaii” Japanese aesthetic with an unexpected Punk twist.

Each of Tokidoki’s characters have their own unique personality and ingenious back-story. Character families include the prickly cute ‘Cactus Friends’, sweeter-than-sugar ‘Donutella’ gang, mythical Unicorns and mob of heroic Cows characters known as ‘The Moofia’. A feast for the eyes Tokidoki’s designs are packed full of personality and with each glance you discover a new favourite.

Tokidoki’s designs have graced a wide range of products from clothing to luggage, sports equipment to stationary. A highly sought after brand, Tokidoki have collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Marvel, Barbie and more. Now FieldCandy take the Tokidoki universe on a wild walk outside with the creation of an exclusive Tent and pair of SunShades featuring their instantly recognisable designs.


Tokidoki All Star Tent

Here at FieldCandy we are perhaps best known for our unique tents that stand out from the rest of the camping crowd. This ‘All Star’ design features a montage of Tokidoki’s best loved characters and is the perfect addition to our range of tents thanks to it’s unique and colourful design. It’s fair to say very few tents have THIS much personality - imagine the opposite to the standard bland grey/green camping tent we’re all bored of seeing and you’ve got our Tokidoki tent collaboration.

Not just a ‘pretty’ face, all our spacious 2/3 person Original Explorer tents are high specification from pole to peg, offering exceptional performance in any season and are 100% waterproof.


Tokidoki All Star SunShade

We couldn’t just settle for just having this iconic print on our camping tent, which is why we’ve also created a SunShade to match, giving you another way to enjoy Tokidoki outdoors.

As practical as they are fun, SunShade's benefit from the highest UPF 50+ sun protection (blocking 99.7% of uv rays) and boast high levels of durability and wind-resistance, in addition to being portable and easy to assemble with 3 set-up options to choose from.


Tokidoki Sea Amo SunShade

‘Sea Amo' sees the Tokidoki universe take a dive underwater with iconic characters encountering Mermaids, Dolphins, Sharks, and more!

What better way to showcase this amazing aquatic design than on our SunShade, the perfect accessory for the beach or other summertime activities. Shelter from the sun with this unique beach shade offering maximum sun protection and personality, guaranteed to cause a slash at your next trip to the beach.

FieldCandy are all about shaking up the outdoor space and this latest collaboration is the perfect embodiment of our mission to bring colour and creativity to the camping ground.

Unfortunately the Tokidoki range is now SOLD OUT.