Valentines Inspiration

Aaaah Valentines Day! Even if you don't like it, you are aware of it... who can resist champagne and chocolates on offer in the local shop?

Things are starting to heat up here at FieldCandy; 2014 is bringing some fantastic things coming soon but in the meantime we thought we would offer you some Valentines Day inspiration with our 'Get a Room' tent from our Original Explorer collection.

How about a life more exciting? More passionate? Look no further, what can be better than taking that special someone off into the wilderness, no one around but the two of you... sound romantic? Or just the beginning of an adrenalin pumping horror flick? 

Either way FieldCandy has you prepared with an expedition quality tent that is guaranteed to have tongues wagging - if you excuse the expression.

Get a Room - £199 GBP

Get a Room Tent