Cool Festival Camping

Our guide to festival camping includes the coolest "Instagram worthy" gear, a handy checklist and plenty of advice and tips, all aimed at making your festival camping experience amazing.

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We've got your cool kit covered with funky tents, ponchos, sleeping, bags, pillows & gadgets available to buy for festival season 2018. Whatever type of festival you're attending, music, arts, comedy festival or something more "left field", we've got the camping essentials to suit your individual style.


Discover the 'ultimate' festival tent. Forget grey & green, choose a tent that expresses your personal style. Not just eye-catching, our tents are 100% waterproof & built to withstand whatfsever the festival throws at you.

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The poncho is a festival style staple. When the rain hits you need waterproof protection that doesn't spoil your carefully planned outfit. Choose from our range of funky and functional designs for the festival.

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Sleeping Bags

Get more out of your sleeping bag. While most sleeping bags restrict you, the SLPY wearable sleeping bag offers freedom of movement. You can explore the campsite in the comfort of your sleeping bag, then zip up to sleep.

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A multi functional festival essential with a twist. Use for travel, sleeping in your tent or lounging out on the grass. Funky designs range from a wedge of cheese to a piece of turf, guaranteed to turn heads as you rest yours!

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Sun Shades

Festivals aren't all about dancing, you'll want to spend some of your time relaxing with friends, enjoying a BBQ or lazing in the sun. A funky sun shade is a must, offering shade & sun protection, while declaring your spot on the field.

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Solar Chargers

If you didn’t take pictures we’re you really there? Stay connected to the outside world with a portable phone charger. Ours run on solar power so you don't need to worry about electricity or batteries.

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Our range is totally unique with all your festival essentials available in a huge selection of quirky, unexpected designs you won't find on other festival gear. Superior in quality as well as style, our products are made to the highest specification and designed to be enjoyed year after year, festival after festival.

Festival Camping Tips

Your personal festival camping experience will depend on many factors such as, type of festival, duration of stay and who you're going with. While you can't control some things, like the weather, you can be the master of your own festival camping destiny. Our guide will help you make the most of your camping experience whatever the festival throws at you.

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Finding the best camping spot at a festival

Bagging a great spot to set up camp will make all the difference to your festival experience. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the perfect camping spot and actually get to camp there.

► Plan in advance - The key to finding the prime camping spot is all in the planning. Find out what your options are before you go. Some festivals are a camping free for all, while others assign you to a particular area. So, it's important that you know where you can camp before you start planning any grand schemes.

► Be close to what matters to you - You don't want to pitch at one side of the festival only to discover the bands you want to see are playing at the other side. Study the festival site map to see where you want to be in relation to all the action and amenities.

► But don't be single minded - There's lots to consider when picking your camping spot i.e. location of main stages, food stalls, toilets, car parking etc. Prioritising only one factor only can have negative consequences for the rest of your festival experience. For example, being close to the main stages sounds great, but these areas will be crowded, messier and noisier than a spot further afield.

► Arrive fashionably early - One way to increase the chances of nabbing your preferred spot is to arrive early. You wouldn't want to turn up and find the only pitch left is next to the toilets. Arriving early has other benefits too. You'll be able to get your bearings and settle in before the fun starts, meaning you're not rushing to make camp before your favourite band starts their set.

Here are some tips for arriving early:

► Some festivals offer "early bird" tickets, so if you're really keen to arrive ahead of the crowd it might be worth spending a little extra.

► Plan your route into the festival in advance based on where you need to park to get to your chosen campsite. Don't waste time driving around directionless or arriving at the wrong entrance.

► Please do check when the campsite actually opens to avoid hanging around at the gates for ages.

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Making the most of your time at the campsite

The campsite is your base hub for the duration of the festival. It’s a place to hang-out with friends and recharge your batteries for the next day’s adventure. Time spent at the campsite can be one of the best parts of your festival experience, if you let it.

► Make your tent feel like ‘home’ - Sleeping might not be top of your agenda but lack of sleep will soon take it’s toll on your festival experience. Awaking refreshed the morning after the night before ensures you make the most of your time.

Here are some essentials to take with you to ensure a restful night’s sleep in your tent:

► Eye mask and ear plugs - Even the heaviest sleeper can find it difficult to drop off at a festival. Noise, weather and being in a strange environment can all make sleep difficult. An eye mask and ear plugs allow you to shut off even when the rest of the festival goers have other ideas.

► Appropriate sleeping bag - Choose a sleeping bag that's appropriate for the weather and is lightweight. Be prepared for a change in temperature. While most festivals take place in the Summer, it can get colder than you’d expect at night. And let’s face it if you’re attending a festival in the UK you likely to need something warmer. If you do opt for a thinner sleeping bag, take some extra blankets in case the temperature drops.

► Mattress or camping mat - It’s not easy getting a restful sleep with the hard, cold ground beneath you. Pack an inflatable mattress or roll up camping mat to provide a comfy, insulating base.

► Practice makes for perfect - Become a pro at putting up your tent before you go. This will cut down on set-up time at the festival and ensure the tent is in proper working order. This step is especially important if you’ve bought a new tent that you’re not familiar with yet, or an old tent that hasn’t been pitched in a while. It’s certainly worth a few stares from the neighbours.

► Make your tent easy to spot - Busy festivals can have thousands of attendees all sharing a limited camping space. After a day enjoying the sights and sounds of the festival it can be a nightmare locating your tent among the crowd. Save yourself the hassle by making your tent easier to spot. Add a flag, balloon or other identifier to your tent that you'll be able to spot at a distance. Also try to make a note of any landmarks near your camping spot.

Note: If you’ve got a FieldCandy tent you can skip this step as it’s pretty easy to spot a Watermelon tent amongst a sea of green and blue tents.

► Say “Hi” to your neighbours - Since you’ll be sharing your living space (or lack thereof) with a bunch of strangers for a few days, why not make friends! After all it’s only fair to grace the neighbours with your wit and charm. It also comes in handy if need to “borrow a cup of sugar”, or more realistically some toilet roll, from your new best friends. All joking aside, festivals are great places to share unforgettable memories with likeminded people, so make the most of it!

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Being a responsible camper

Treat the campsite as you would your own garden. Waste and environmental damage are an unwanted consequence of modern festivals, but you can help to reduce the impact.

► Tidy as you go - Take bin bags with you to place any rubbish in. For extra good karma go one step further with a bag for general waste and another for recycling. This will also cut down on the amount of clearing away you need to do at the end of the festival.

► Reuse or recycle your camping gear - Invest in quality camping gear you can use festival after festival. Buy a tent that’s made to last not one that’s destined for landfill. If you aren’t able to invest, recycle. Take your tent home with you and dispose of it properly, don’t leave it for the cleaners, and certainly don’t burn it! If you’re tent’s still in good working order why not donate to charity.

Have you got any top festival camping tips you think we should know about? Tell us! Send us an email to hello@fieldcandy.com

Festival Camping Checklist

Festival veteran or first-timer, we can all use a helping hand when it comes to packing. It’s easy to forget certain camping essentials when there's other 'more fun' things to think about, like your festival wardrobe. But have no fear, our festival checklist takes all the hassle out of the camping side of festival-prep.

Tent - The most important piece of festival camping kit, unless you plan on sleeping under the starts, which isn’t recommend*. Tents are our speciality so if you’re looking for a festival tent with style and substance consider one of our 'Original Explorer' tents.
*you'll be sleeping on beer cans, and you'll freeze.

Optional Tent Extras:
• Spare Pegs - Pegs are easily mislaid so it’s always wise to take a couple of spares as a back up.

• Rubber Mallet - Not super essential but definitely useful. It can be difficult to properly secure your tent when it's difficult to get pegs into the ground i.e. on stony or hard turf. A rubber mallet gets the job done in no time and with little effort.

Our 'Tent Accessory Pack' comes with the above plus peg puller, padlocks and storm guy lines.

Sleeping Bag - The type of sleeping bag needed will depend on weather and weight. You can’t go wrong with a lightweight 2-season sleeping bag. If you do opt for something cooler take an extra blanket just in case.

Camping mats or airbed - For an extra layer of comfort and insulation pack a camping mat or airbed. If you go down the airbed route make you pack something to blow it up with!

• Ear Plugs & Eye Mask - Essential if you want to get any sleep at all during your festival experience. If you don’t plan on sleeping you can leave these out.

Sun shade - If you're planning to spend any time relaxing at the festival pack a sun shade or umbrella. You'll appreciate the shade and your skin will appreciate the UV protection.

• Camping chair - After a long day dancing you want somewhere to sit. Sitting on a hard, muddy, soiled ground isn't pleasant, so pack a folding camping chair.

Waterproof Poncho - Don’t let rain spoil the fun or your outfit. A waterproof poncho is a festival staple turned fashion statement. Invest in something stylish, that you can use beyond the festival.

• Toilet paper - Don’t count on there being any in the communal toilets after a couple of days and in any case can you really trust where it’s been?! No we’d feel much safer with our own supply.

Portable Phone Charger - If you didn’t take pictures were you really there? Modern phone batteries aren’t what they used to be, gone are the days of the Nokia 3310 that would last a solid week. External chargers (like our Solar ones) ensure you can stay connected throughout the festival.

• Refuse bags - No we don’t want you to fashion your own festival couture out of it, they're for keeping tidy!

• Torch - To save your stumbling around in the dark, pack a small torch. Why not fulfil a camping cliche and tell spooky stories with it stuck under your chin!

• Cooking equipment - Instead of queuing and paying extortionate festival prices why not cook yourself. To save even more money share cooking equipment with the whole group, with each of you bringing something to the table. Remember to check the rules before you go as there may be restrictions.

Tip: Remember to check the campsite rules and find out what facilities are available before you pack. Make sure you’re not wasting money on something you can’t take in or is already provided.

Got any suggestions for additions to this list? Is there something you can’t live without at the festival? We’d love to hear from you, email hello@fieldcandy.com

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