Out of a Suitcase, originated from a wonderful antique shop in Hamburg, where the original battered suitcase was purchased, before being photographed in the studio and digitally printed in hi-resolution, to create a truly Outstanding tent.

FieldCandy wanted to create a stunning photograph of one our favourite designs so engaged with the amazingly talented Alyson Jones and Stone Table in Utah, USA to conceptualise, photograph, and post-process the final image.

The magic of this photo-shoot rests in the dramatic and mysterious scene lighting. Photographed in the darkened dusk hours of the evening, a male model, tie undone, sleeves rolled, sits pouring over a typewriter at a small desk. Behind him, Out of a Suitcase, stands among a few of the man's scattered personal belongings. Reinforcing the concept of “living out of a suitcase”, an exposed lightbulb on a long thin cord extends downward from the top of the frame and quietly illuminates the scene. Surrounding the man and his desk are dozens of scattered papers, thus insinuating that the man has been living and working here for quite some time!